Evaluation and Licensing

What is the product licensing model?

The product is licensed per server. More exactly, the SharePoint front-end servers (WFE). That is, each SharePoint server requires a specific activation license.

Can I evaluate the product before purchasing?

Yes. The evaluation version of Kaldeera Tools (trial) are fully functional. The evaluation version expires in 30 days.

I have a farm with multiple servers, is there any volume discount?

Yes. When you place an order for more than 2 servers, we guarantee a discount. For more information, please contact our sales team: sales@kaldeera.com.


Does this product work with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Foundation?

Indeed, this product is compatible with both versions of SharePoint. That is, it works with either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Foundation.

Does this product work with a browser other than IE?

It works with any type of browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, ...) thanks to its Silverlight technology design.

Is it compatible with Windows Server 2008?

Yes. Kaldeera Tools are compatible with Windows Server 2008 platform.

Installation and Activation

I have installed the product, how do I activate it now?

Once the product has been installed in a SharePoint server, follow the procedure explained in the product video section.

Is it necessary to activate the product to obtain the evaluation version (trial)?

Indeed, it is necessary to generate an activation key for any version of the product.

Can the product be installed in a 64 bits environment?

Yes. Kaldeera Tools are designed to work across 32 and 64 bits environments.

Installed correctly, but I do not get the workflow designer.

You need to have Silverlight installed on your PC to design workflows.

I have reinstalled the product on another server, can I use the same activation key?

No. The product activation key is specific to each SharePoint server. It is therefore necessary to request a new key for each product installation.

Product Performance

What is Kaldeera Workflow Designer for?

It provides a friendly environment (Drag & Drop) to model workflows in SharePoint. It improves workflow functionality of SharePoint, without programming. No .NET knowledge required.

Do I have to redesigned the workflows I have designed with the evaluation version when I purchase the commercial version?

No. Workflows modeled with the evaluation version are fully compatible with the commercial version. No upgrade process is necessary.

Support and maintenance

What support options are available?

Kaldeera offers several support plans, to ensure you receive product updates at no additional cost. You can also use our support service to solve product problems.
For more information, visit the "Support" section.