Start designing workflows - with no .NET knowledge

We are pleased to announce the new version of Kaldeera Workflow Designer, a workflow designer developed 100% with SilverLight technology and fully integrated with the SharePoint environment (SharePoint 2010 + SharePoint Foundation). This way, the user has a simple and agile experience. Without the need of code programming, it dramatically reduces the workflows modeling time.

streamlines repetitive processes

Reduction in operational risk. Through automated documentation and process control.

No .NET knowledgement required

Reduced cost of development. Ability to combine and reuse existing systems. Without programming!

Bugs free

Reduction in operational risk. By analysis, automated documentation, standardization and control of business processes.

Decreased development time

Reducing business costs and increasing efficiency. By automating, scheduling and tasks route optimization.

Easy to use

WorkFlow set-up processes can be performed by business users, business analysts and project managers. There is no need to buy in, or contract people, with proprietary skills.
  • 75% reduction in modeling time
  • 45% increase in performance capability
  • 85% reduction in customer costs
  • 55% reduction of wrong transactions
  • 60% reduction in management costs