New Kaldeera website 

The development and deployment of the new Kaldeera website has been a challenge and a real achievement for the team. The challenge began when two priority goals were set: a limited 3 weeks time to deploy the website and an easy maintenance. Kaldeera team agreed it was essential to use tools and advanced webparts to support the project to achieve this. The intensive use of Kaldeera Tools was the key to success!

"With Kaldeera Tools we successfully reduced implementation time by 40% while maintaining a quality level of 100%“ Pau Codina, Kaldeera CTO.

Why SharePoint ?

The new website has been developed using the latest SharePoint technology tools, Microsoft platform that offers full control and allows users to participate in the content management. Kaldeera shows the way to go using its SharePoint Tools and its own webparts, focusing on improving SharePoint productivity.

The new SharePoint Tools and SharePoint webparts, specially designed for faster intranets and public websites deployment are a new productivity model on the SharePoint platform. It means saving time and improving customer management.

What does Kaldeera Tools means for SharePoint in figures?

*Reduce the generation of errors by 85%
*Reduce deployment time by 40%
*Increase project team’s performance by 35% 

Kaldeera website: How did we do it?

Let’s take a look at Key Requirements and Solutions (KR & S)

Public website
KR: Cross-browser (IE, firefox, chrome, safari, …)
S: “Kaldeera XSLView webpart” drastically reduces the time of implementation of graphic design to web contents.

KR: Implement and easily manage the design requirements.
S: “Sharepoint branding copy Masterpage” helps to manage MasterPage among different sites collection.

KR: Enable data input forms and a dynamic manageable menu.
S: "Advanced Forms" speeds up the process of creating input forms.

Private area: enable a private access area for partners.

KR: Web requests management system and automatic delivery to partners based on the type of information requested on the form.
S: The use of "Kaldeera Workflow" reduces the time to deploy the automatic requests sending process to partners

KR: Data query module based on different access roles to back office system
S: “Kaldeera View Security” is vital to ensure the confidentiality of certain contents.

KR: Indicator module that allows segmenting received information with charts
S: "Data Access" helps to efficiently display graphical indicators for future reference

Kaldeera Tools

Kaldeera Tools integrates the following SharePoint tools and webparts:
*Kaldeera XSLview webpart
*Kaldeera Advanced Forms
*Kaldeera View Security
*Kaldeera Workflow Designer
*Kaldeera Data Access

Kaldeera Tools for SharePoint is compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, has cross-browser support and is multi-lingual.

The solution is now available for 30-days evaluation period and can be downloaded from Kaldeera website.